About Robert Slatkoff

Robert Slatkoff is a visual artist using a camera for source material. He has exhibited his work in Montreal and across Canada since 1968. His work is represented in the permanent collections of the Canadian Art Bank and the Musee d’art contemporary of Montreal.
He starts with images of walls, undersides of boats,construction sites etc , combines and blends the images in a computer to gradually produce a final result. The end product resembles an abstract landscape. People generally think the works are paintings but they are entirely photographic in origin. The ink jet images are printed in various sizes up to 40 x 60 inches.There are 3 sizes in editions of 15 for each image.
The most recent important exhibitions have been in Montreal at the Galerie Art Mur 2010, Agora Gallery New York 2012 and the Dylan Ellis Gallery in Toronto 2017.

“Photographing has become a way of life for me and I constantly search for a meaning which is hidden within what we perceive as reality. I know deeply that there is a mysterious dimension to everything, and it has become my mission to be aware of it. By creating a photograph I prove to myself that this dimension exists. My work is changing in surprising ways. It has become more abstract and coming from a deeper part of myself. I feel like an archeologist who is discovering another reality. I am impatient to see where I will be led.”